10,000 Meta Girlfriends are coming to the Metaverse.

Each one is randomly generated when minted, using cutting edge blockchain technology.

Randomly Generated Artwork Using over 600 Traits
Deflationary Mechanics - Supply Constantly Decreasing
Mix & Match Traits To Create The Perfect Meta Girlfriend
Each Meta Girlfriend Comes With Private NSFW Content

Public Mint Open!



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About Meta Girlfriends

Randomly Generated - Beautifully Crafted


Meta Girlfriends represent the mature side of NFT Art. They are randomly generated using over 600 traits, across 20 categories, to guarantee each one comes with a unique personality.

Meta Girlfriends are fully clothed and visible from the waste up in public. Having a Meta Girlfriend in your wallet is your key to the Members Only area, where you’ll gain access to view her full body and private NSFW content.

Public - Waist Up View

Delist & Earn New Traits

Access To Rainbow Room

Members - Full Body View

Hidden Traits For Holders

Combine Your Girlfriends

Public - Waist Up View

Delist & Earn New Traits

Access To Rainbow Room

Members - Full Body View

Hidden Traits For Holders

Combine Your Girlfriends

Exclusive Membership

How It Works

A limited and deflationary NFT collection that gives holders exclusive access to special events and members only content.

We’re launching the first adult experience for NFT holders. Having a Meta Girlfriend gives you full access to the Members Only area, plus private events in real-life and the Metaverse.

Unlock Centerfold Artwork Adult Content - Must Be 18+

Rainbow Room - Where Two Meta Girlfriends Become One

Chance To Win Incredible Prizes - BTC, ETH, & Blue Chip NFTs

Access To Special Events - In Real-Life & The Metaverse


Members Only Private Content

Don't Be Clothes Minded

Members can view the entire collection of Meta Girlfriends!

Holding a Meta Girlfriends NFT gives you full access to the Members Only area, where you can unlock premium artwork and adult private content

Our artwork collections will feature Adult Stars, International Models, OnlyFans Girls, Playmates and Suicide Girls

Ditch The Boring PFP - View Full Body Adult Artwork

De-List & Unlock New Traits For Your Meta Girlfriend

Customize & Manage Your Meta Girlfriends Profile

Mix & Match Traits To Make Perfect Meta Girlfriend

The Rainbow Room

Mix & Match Traits

Become The Artist

Mix and match traits to customize your Meta Girlfriends or create a special theme.

Increase Rarity

Combine traits to increase rarity and get a chance to win incredible prizes each month.

Update Meta Data

Re-write the meta data to update the look and stats of your Meta Girlfriends on OpenSea.

Increase Value

As the total supply decreases, the demand for Meta Girlfriends will drive value up for members.

Deflationary Technology

Create your own Meta Girlfriend! The Rainbow Room allows you to combine two Meta Girlfriends into one and choose her traits.


This roadmap outlines our goals for Meta Girlfriends.



Launch Meta Girlfriends

Our first milestone will be to officially launch the project with a public release and mint process. We will continue our marketing initiatives and collabs with other projects to build a great community!



Community Contests

Begin community contests and Special Edition giveaways. Apply for OpenSea Verification and submit the project to Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper. We’ll also establish a Community Wallet and add 10 ETH to begin voting on additional opportunities.



The Rainbow Room

We open The Rainbow Room and let the deflationary magic begin! Holders can combine their Meta Girlfriends to create their own unique combination of traits. We’re also going to add another 15 ETH to the Community Wallet.



Meta Girlfriend Profiles

Meta Girlfriends need a persona as we gear up for Metaverse integration. Each Meta Girlfriend gets her own profile that you can customize and monetize. To celebrate, we’re going to release an additional pose and airdrop new outfits. We’re also going to add another 15 ETH to the Community Wallet!



Ape Into The Metaverse

Meta Girlfriends move into the Ethereum Towers and will begin launching exclusive members-only events. We’re going Ape over this! Literally, we’re going to be giving away Bored Apes as a way to celebrate this special occasion. We’re also going to top off the Community Wallet with another 10 ETH!

Meet Our Team

Creative Experts

Our team is made up of forward-thinking professionals from technology, blockchain, NFTs, art and business. We’ve worked with Microsoft, Disney, Google, Hasbro, EA Sports, WeWork, and many other incredible brands.



Founder - Team Leader


Hero Complex



Dr. Brothy

Lead Developer



Blockchain Developer



Female Artist



Marketing Team Leader



Marketing Director



Community Moderator



Community Moderator



Community Moderator

Frequently Asked Questions

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